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Ah, the Elf. A mercurial fellow, he (or she) is apt to get himself into some questionable situations this season. Hanging from the mantle like a tiny daredevil? Taking a bath in rainbow sprinkles? Fishing in a questionably clean potty? There’s nothing this little guy (or guy) won’t do. Sent by Santa to check out kids’ pre-holiday behavior, he is a frequent flyer, making at least 25 round trip voyages between the North Pole and your family’s residence in just as many days.

But sometimes, he appears in the same place…which can be confusing. To clear up any questions you may get from curious kids, we’ve shared 25 reasons your elf didn’t move. Feel free to share with any other families who might benefit from this helpful guide:

25 Reasons Your Elf Didn’t Move

  1. He did move – he just decided to come back to the same spot. Maybe it’s his favorite spot, just like we all have a favorite spot at the dinner table or on the couch watching TV. Or he has a primo view to watch you from.
  2. He slept in…and didn’t want you to see him move and ruin the magic. He’s entitled to a rest—the North Pole is a hike.
  3. There was inclement weather at the North Pole. Santa told him to hang tight and he’ll see him tomorrow. No need to risk getting stuck.
  4. He has a slight temperature and needed a sick day. Maybe we should give him a tissue or some cough drops?
  5. He saw some bad behavior. He was sad he’d have to tell Santa to put you on the naughty list so stayed put.
  6. He moved a *tiny* bit. Can’t you tell? Just a few millimeters but you can see it if you look closely! What a tricky guy.
  7. Someone got out of bed and he was scared of being seen. Could have been a kid getting out of bed or even a parent getting up to use the bathroom…Scout elves don’t take any chances.
  8. He looks kind of stuck. Let’s give him a pair of pliars so he can unwedge himself tonight.
  9. Didn’t you hear the chatter downstairs last night? I think his elf friend visited and they stayed up too late chit-chatting.
  10. Maybe he’s working from home today just like Mom/Dad does – Santa approves of flexible work schedules.
  11. I accidently touched the Elf when I was doing something near him – sorry about that.
  12. Did you know that elves need it to be exactly 71 degrees to fly? It got too cold/hot last night.
  13. Santa asked the Scout elves to do an on-off schedule this week as he and the North Pole elves are so busy building toys and don’t have time to chat, much less serve thousands of Scout elves a proper meal after work.
  14. He ate too much candy. Have you ever tried to live off gum drops, syrup and sprinkles (hey, that is a proper meal for elves—but not for kids).
  15. His flight back to the North Pole got cancelled due to extreme fog conditions. Doesn’t he look annoyed?
  16. This is his day off – for some elves, it might be Tuesday, and for others, Sunday. Every elf has a different day off – and some overachievers come in on their days off. Sometimes.
  17. Everyone makes mistakes. Just like we forget to do our homework or chores, our little buddy isn’t perfect, and that’s okay.
  18. Maybe he’s conserving his energy for a big adventure tonight?
  19. Ugh – our cat/dog definitely was up last night. Maybe it made him nervous.
  20. You woke up so early he didn’t have time to find a new spot – maybe stay in bed a little later tomorrow to make sure he has time to get his act together.
  21. He’s playing freeze tag – and evidently is quite the ringer.
  22. He’s on Santa’s naughty list – and in time out.
  23. Maybe he’s developed a fear of flying? We should tell him that it’s not too scary or lend him our love-y for tonight’s travels.
  24. He stayed up too late watching Christmas movies on Netflix – didn’t you hear the TV on last night?
  25. He loves our cozy house—and you.

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