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Have you ever wondered what Irish Dance is? Are you maybe interested in this fun and fast paced activity for your child, but aren’t quite sure where to begin? We sat down with The Naples School of Irish Dance to learn all about this competitive sport and what sets their school apart from others. Read more in our latest interview below!

What is Irish Dance exactly?
Irish dance refers to a group of traditional dance forms that originated in Ireland, encompassing dancing both solo and in groups, and dancing for social, competitive, and performance purposes.

When did Naples School of Irish Dance Open up?
NSID opened up in August 2021

Has Irish Dancing always been a part of your life?
Irish Dance has been a huge part of my life since my youngest daughter who is 20 years old, began dancing at the age of four. She started in a non-competitive school in Naples, and eventually joined a commissioned Irish Dance school at the age of 8. Her older brother joined shortly after, and since they were both home-schooled students, it afforded them the time to attend competitions, classes and travel. It has also given them life long friendships that are based on a common interest.

What sets you apart from other dance schools?
I think our approach to this sport is very different. It’s a very athletic form of dance, and to succeed we believe fitness, strength, conditioning and some forms of ballet are not only necessary but mandatory for our Novice through our Championship dancers. We incorporate all of these workouts in our regular structured class times. We have an athletic coach on staff, as well a ballet teacher who works with strength and conditioning. We do not charge for those classes to ensure that everyone has the benefit of their training.

Do you offer both competitive and non- competitive classes?
We do offer both competitive and non-competitive classes, although most of our dancers once they are considered an advanced beginner dancer, start attending competitions. Friendships are a very important part of our dance family and the children spend a lot of time in dance and we encourage that camaraderie.

What do you recommend for someone looking to get started?
We offer a month of free classes so that someone not familiar with this dance form, has a chance to try it. We believe that trying a dance class for one day, is definitely not going to allow someone to have enough understanding of what Irish dance entails. We offer this to anyone age five and up.

Is there anything else we should know about Naples School of Irish Dance?
We are very proud of our teachers and dancer’s accomplishments. We have five very talented teachers, all of whom are champions dancers, themselves. In the few years we have been open, our dance family has grown tremendously, we teach after school programs in the area, we have a remarkable performance group, and we have dancers who are from little beginners through open championships. We also keep our classes small so that our dancers get the attention they need to be successful.


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