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How many kids do you have and what are their ages? 

I have two kids, Mia is 9 years old and Liam is 4 years old.

What do you love about living in the Sarasota area?

I love living in the Sarasota area because it attracts people from all over the world who come to enjoy warm weather, the beautiful white sand beaches, the ocean breeze, and fantastic restaurants. There are tons of neighborhoods throughout the area that fit any lifestyle and the people are very welcoming.

What’s your favorite restaurant and place to shop in Sarasota? 

My favorite restaurant is Boca and my favorite places to shop are Lululemon, Anthropology, and Pottery Barn.

Tell us about your business, Blue Mimi

Blue Mimi is a professional errand and service outsourcing company that seeks to alleviate non-productive routine and time-consuming tasks from the lives of both individuals and businesses. We operate on a highly personalized level and offer a wide range of unique services. Blue Mimi was created to reduce the time spent on routine and time-consuming activities by parents, professionals, elderly, and businesses within the community. Our team is committed to helping you balance life’s demands by making your “to do” list our top priority.

The elimination of these tasks will resonate with many busy individuals in our city as our service will improve the quality of life, optimize resources, and relieve stress. As our member, you will experience superior customer service and the highest standards of operational excellence available in the industry giving you the peace of mind and freedom to place requests 24/7, 365 days a year.

What do you love about your business?

Blue Mimi is here to simplify your lifestyle, imagine your life more simple with less stress and worry. Most importantly, it makes me proud knowing that I am here to help others succeed.

Moms, in particular, tend to take on too much and say yes to everything, and this can take a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional health. Even though our superpowers kick in, our hearts are in the right place but realistically it is all very difficult to balance. Do not drown yourself in chores, many moms stare in the face of the endless to-do list and all it does is make us feel inadequate. Let us handle everything for you, so you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

What are some of your hobbies? 

My hobbies are traveling, cooking, decorating, and spending time with family and friends.

How do you juggle work and motherhood?

Juggling motherhood with a demanding business has been helped by an optimistic, problem-solving disposition – an ability to get through things even when they feel impossible. My inbox is never empty, once the kids go to sleep; I hop back on email to handle anything that came in since I left or to get a jump on things for the next day. I make sure that Mia and Liam understand that the company is important not only to me but also to them. Whenever possible, I expose them to parts of my work so that they can be more involved and understanding.

Yet the hardest lesson I learned was that mothers cannot have it all. None of us are doing it perfectly, but every mom is doing her best. I do not believe that a mother can do everything, but I do believe that they can do anything!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received from another mom? 

The best advice I have received from another mom – “Take time for yourself”

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