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CycleBar Comes to Naples, Florida

by Jake Maulin (CycleBar owner-operator)

Do you wish there was a fun and safe way to maximize your fitness workout? And you can do it with all your friends? There is, and it’s been right in front of you the whole time. Indoor Cycling classes have been around since the early 80’s and just like anything with true staying power a lot has evolved since the first “seated flat” was called out by the legendary Johnny G.

But this is not an article about the history of indoor cycling, rather, a look at the present and future of indoor cycling. Specifically in Naples, Florida. Buckle up people because CycleBar Premium Indoor Cycling is landing in the famed Mercato Shops and it’s a big deal. There are many benefits of indoor cycling, and I have outlined 4 in this article.

High intensity intervals / Low impact to your joints

The first thing I hear anybody who knows what they are talking about when in comes to indoor cycling benefits is low impact on the joints. This is true, and often understated is the high intensity of the intervals executed. In other words, the margin of calories burned to risk of joint injury is exponentially higher when comparing other forms of cardio workouts.

Fun and efficient calorie burn

At CycleBar Naples each 45 minute class gives you an opportunity to burn between 400-600 calories. This is efficient and safe for the body. With the added adrenaline rush that comes with rocking musical playlists, it’s also a ton of fun.

Indoor cycling is a stress reliever

We have all heard of the runner’s high, and that’s a real thing. Creating an increase of blood flow to the heart and brain not only combats cardiovascular diseases, but it also releases serotonin. A natural mood-enhancer and stress reducer. CycleBar classes are held in a dark theatre allowing riders to feel less judgement and pressure. They can slip into a trance and ride hard. It’s amazing.

Embrace the “We”

CycleBar Naples has a mission to fuel energetic communal experiences. We are an inclusive brand of premium boutique fitness. Our three main class types are designed to challenge seasoned riders and first-timers. Each day CycleBar Naples will encourage all who are willing to join us on an energetic journey that will raise the bar higher than yesterday’s effort.

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